There are many reasons for us to enjoy a cup of herbal tea. We like the aroma of the Brewed. Most importantly grab a glass of hot beverage on a cold winter morning, warm your hands and tasting it in front of the fireplace is a great way to relax and the best potion to fix Fatigue and physical rejuvenation after a busy day.

For Iranians in general we can say that drinking ordinary tea has many fans among differences teas especially. But besides the usual tea, there are other herbal medicines that have medicinal properties and their properties that cause the treatment of many diseases. Brewing is the best and most valuable way of preparing medical herbs. Because most important herbal ingredients are destroyed by boiling.

Tips for making decoctions and Brewed

In preparing the decoctions, the plant member should be inserted in a container containing cold water and then heated to the boiling stage.

Solutions from boiling or brewing should be used in pure form, otherwise sweetened with sugar or honey.

If there is no set time for boiling the plant, remove it from the heat after boiling for 2 minutes and allow it to boil for a specified time.

Time for boiling of root, shoot and skins is about 5 to 10 minutes (sometimes longer).

Brewing is mostly done in inflorescences, flowering shoots and especially flowers.

Metal containers should never be used in the preparation of decoctions, brewed and soaks.

Never forget that consuming one type of herbal tea constantly causes many side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to drink various herbal remedies that are useful for you during the week to avoid the side effects of over-consumption.

For example, eating regular tea consistently causes bowel and stomach dryness, head and brain dryness, liver disease, muscle cramps, and iron deficiency. Eating coffee consistently causes caffeine addiction, restlessness, headaches and liver disease. Eating Borage flowers constantly causes heart palpitations and low vision.

Important Warnings

Do not take herbal medicines arbitrarily.

Herbal remedies arenot also safe and uncomplicated, so they cannot be used under any circumstances without the advice of a physician.

If you have any specific illness or drug use, consult your doctor before using the medicinal plant.

If you have any allergic reactions, you should stop using this herb.

Tell your doctor if you notice any side effects.


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